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"Hark!"Welcome to The Poetry Generator! Many a deranged dedicated soul hath spent countless delightful hours generating verse after verse of horrible nonsense, uh, exquisite ecstasy. It is rumored that well-known poet laureates have furtively availed themselves of this Generator to produce their masterpieces. But a note of caution: one hapless soul was allegedly placed in an insane asylum after spending 8 days generating poems with no sleep. For many hours he reportedly muttered "donkey agony" repeatedly before the dark, iron gates of the Institution slammed shut on him. Poor lad. Restraint is advised."nYeahhhh..."

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We dedicate the Poetry Generator to Roger Marlowe, whose encouragement kept it going in the early days when, alas, even the author deemed it too ridiculous to continue. Roger wrote the Doctor and Valley Girl themes, and contributed to other themes.

We also dedicate this to Will Shakespeare and Jim Morrison, whose essences ooze in Strange Ways from the poetry themes. Whilst Will and Jim are quite dead, Roger is still Roger.

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